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What is the .EPG file type?

The .epg filename extension has its primary association with the EnergyPlus Group (.epg) file type used by the EP-Launch utility provided with EnergyPlus. EnergyPlus is an open-source, BSD-licensed cross-platform software system for simulation of energy-transfer processes in buildings. To run a simulation, one or more EnergyPlus input files (.idf) must be provided to the EnergyPlus engine using the EP-Launch launching utility. Groups of input files are defined using .epg files. An .epg file is a plain-text list of individual EnergyPlus simulations. In the list, input (.idf) and output files, and a counter are specified for each simulation. EnergyPlus group (.epg) files can be easily opened and modified in a text editor. During installation, EnergyPlus offers an option to associate .epg and other file types with EP-Launch.

Alternatively, the .epg extension is used to denote Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data files created by certain client-side Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) devices and their supporting software. An .epg file represents a broadcasting schedule received from the DVB provider and saved locally. Since EPG data may be transmitted both directly and using intermediary XML-based formats, the .epg extension just marks the purpose of the file rather than defines its internal format. In particular, .epg files are used with Buffalo PCastTV, a Microsoft Windows support application for Buffalo DVB hardware.

The .epg extension additionally serves to denote disease spread models created in Epigrass, a free and open software tool for epidemiological analysis and simulation with geo-referencing. An Epigrass model (.epg) is a text-based specification of a complex networked system used as the basis for epidemiological simulation. Besides Epigrass, .epg files can be directly viewed or modified in a text editor.

Software to open or convert EPG files

You can open EPG files with the following programs:
EnergyPlus by US Department of Energy
EnergyPlus Version
EnergyPlus Version by US Department of Energy

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