RMAP File Extension

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What is the .RMAP file type?

The .rmap filename extension refers primarily to the CompeGPS Raster Map (.rmap) file type and format. CompeGPS Team is a specialist provider of maps, GPS tracking devices, and GPS software, and RMAP is a proprietary map format natively used in CompeGPS TwoNav, Land, or Air.

The .rmap file is a map in the RMAP format that makes use of raster (bitmap) images targeting a certain scale (e.g., 1:25000). Along with another proprietary format (ECW), RMAP is widely used for navigational, topographical, tourist, and sports maps in CompeGPS TwoNav (Land, Air). On CompeGPS devices, map (.rmap, .ecw) files are placed into the "TwoNavData/Maps" directory on the device's memory card. Non-free maps require activation.

Apart from the CompeGPS software, the RMAP format is supported in OruxMaps, an online/offline multi-format map viewer. Collections of free and paid RMAP maps are available on the Internet.

In the scope of the Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) software developed by the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), the .rmap extension denotes text-based CRDS reference mapping files used together with pipeline context (.pmap) and instrument context (.imap) mapping files. All CRDS mappings follow Python syntax and can be directly parsed with a Python interpreter.

Software to open or convert RMAP files

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