EXD File Extension

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What is the .EXD file type?

The .exd filename extension is universally bound up with the proprietary Control Information Cache file format and the EXD file type. EXD is used exclusively by Microsoft (MS) Office in MS Windows to cache ActiveX control data for MS Office documents.

An .exd file is a temporary binary file created by an application within the MS Office suite every time an ActiveX control is being inserted into a document. This way, any repeated attempt to insert the same control would use the cache file and proceed much faster. EXD files are usually created in the system's designated directory for temporary files ('Windows\Temp' by default), or elsewhere depending on the system setup.

Once created, .exd files are left behind for further use, and such behavior may possibly cause performance (taking up storage space) or stability (use of outdated cached controls) issues. EXD cache files can be safely deleted as they will be re-created every time an ActiveX control is added in an MS Office document.

The .exd extension is not associated with any application in Windows.

Software to open or convert EXD files

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