IRSS File Extension

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What is the .IRSS file type?

The .irss filename extension belongs to the iZotope Iris Sound Sample (.irss) file type used by the sound synthesizer software iZotope Iris developed by iZotope, Inc. iZotope Iris is a commercial bi-platform (Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X) sample-based synthesizer with an intuitive interface and VST (Virtual Studio Technology) support. There are two distinct version families of iZotope Iris, Iris 1 and Iris 2, that differ in their handling of patches and sample libraries.

An .irss file is an Iris 1 sample that contains encoded waveform audio data. Such .irss samples provide a source of the base sound for iZotope Iris synthesizer patches, created through application of filters and effects. IRSS is iZotope's proprietary file format that can be read by iZotope Iris only. Iris 1 samples (.irss) can be loaded in Iris 2, however, certain effects or settings may have to be applied anew. For instance, if an Iris 1 patch used an auxiliary Sub waveform from the Moog Modular library (e.g., "Pink Noise.irss"), in Iris 2 the Sub waveform must be relinked to the "Noise Pink Moog.wav" sample in the "..\Iris 2\Sub" folder.


Software to open or convert IRSS files

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