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What is the .FBX file type?

Derived as an abbreviation from 'Filmbox,' the .fbx filename extension is associated with a proprietary binary format developed by Kaydara (now, owned by Autodesk) for their Filmbox software to describe and save 2D/3D objects along with their motion data. Positioned by Autodesk as a reliable data exchange format for 3D animation, FBX is currently one of the widely used 3D formats supported by a range of 3D tools and IDE's used in game development.

An .fbx file contains a complete definition of a 3D model exported in the FBX format. It is a large self-contained binary file that serves as a container for all of the model's resources including its textures, meshes, materials, and rigging data (if present). FBX is one of the choice formats for animation-ready, or rigged, 3D models intended to be used with dedicated animation tools like Autodesk MotionBuilder. In general, such models can be imported and used with any 3D or development tool that provides support for the FBX exchange format. Collections of both free and commercial FBX models are available through a number of 3D asset repositories on the Internet.


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