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What is the .MFP file type?

The primary association of the .mfp filename extension used to belong to the Macromedia FlashPaper Document (.mfp) file type/format. Obsolete since 2008, Macromedia FlashPaper was a commercial Microsoft Windows application from Macromedia (later, Adobe) that allowed to produce Flash (.swf) and PDF (.pdf) documents by printing to a virtual FlashPaper printer. An .mfp file is a FlashPaper document, in fact, a regular Flash file (MIME: "application/x-shockwave-flash"). As such, it can be opened with Adobe Flash Player or other Adobe Flash-compatible software.

Macromedia (Adobe) FlashPaper automatically registers the .mfp file type in the system during installation. The latest FlashPaper trial version (2.01) is still available for download from several sites on the Internet.

The .mfp extension also occurs in association with the Meridian Firmware Package (.mfp) file type. An established provider of high-end audio systems, Meridian Audio Ltd. offers firmware updates for their devices (DSP units, audio processors, loudspeakers, etc.). A Meridian Firmware Package (.mfp) is a text-based script run by the Windows-based configuration software to determine, which actual firmware updates (.mfu) are to be flashed into the device's EEPROM.

With reference to OpenGeoSys, an open multi-platform scientific modeling software project, the .mfp extension stands for the Fluid Properties File (.mfp) file type. The .mfp file is a regular text file that provides characterization of a fluid's main properties through a simple, almost self-explanatory syntax. Such MFP files are used in OpenGeoSys to simulate behavior of fluids in natural and artificial conditions.

The discontinued MediaFACE CD/DVD label design software (NEATO/Fellowes) used the .mfp extension for its MediaFACE Project (.mfp) file type and format. Here, the .mfp file is a MediaFACE document that stores in proprietary format the label design, any images used in it, and project settings. Currently, NEATO offers an online label design service as a replacement of MediaFACE.

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