CBZ File Extension

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What is the .CBZ file type?

A file that contains the CBZ file extension represents a Comic Book ZIP file. The CBZ format was developed and promoted by the CDisplay freeware utility designed to view DRM-free comic books and manga, but now it is also used by many other comic book reading applications available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

CBZ files are used to store a series of images in the PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP or TIFF formats which can be organized into pages. Names of the images are typically numbered in ascending order in accordance with the numbers of their pages. The images are aggregated into a single .cbz archive for their efficient storage and delivery over the web.

Comic book files may use different compression algorithms which are reflected in their filename extensions. For example, .cbz is a ZIP compressed file while .cbr is a RAR compressed file. Since ZIP is a common open source file format, there are a lot of useful software products that can handle CBZ files without the need to decompress them first.

Software to open or convert CBZ files

You can open CBZ files with the following programs:
CDisplayEx by Progdigy Software S.A.R.L.
ComicRack by cYo Soft
CDisplay by dvd8n
Icecream Ebook Reader
Icecream Ebook Reader by Icecream Apps
PowerArchiver by ConeXware, Inc.

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