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What is the .FIC file type?

Most commonly, the .fic filename extension occurs in association with the Mirillis FICV Video (.fic) file type and format. FICV (Fast Intra Compression Video) is a proprietary video compression codec developed by Mirillis for their Action! screen recorder. Capable of recording the screen output at high FPS, Mirillis Action! is a popular gamer's tool for recording gameplay videos.

The .fic file is a FICV-encoded digital video file in a private container. Created by early versions of Mirillis Action!, such .fic files are not playable by media players and cannot be uploaded to such multimedia hubs as YouTube, requiring prior export.

Recent Action! versions, however, encapsulate their FICV-encoded video in a standard container (AVI). To support playback of FICV-encoded AVI files, Mirillis provides their own FICV DirectShow decoder. Both .fic and FICV-encoded .avi files can be exported into standard video formats (MP4, etc.), using Action!'s 'Export' feature. Apart from that, FICV-encoded video files (.avi) can be directly processed with the ffmpeg tool.

Alternatively, the .fic extension denotes the HyperFileSQL Database (.fic) file type/format. HyperFileSQL (HFSQL) is a proprietary relational database engine, database management system (DBMS) from PC SOFT, underlying the company's WinDev and WebDev Rapid Application Development (RAD) environments. HFSQL uses its own database file format (.fic). The .fic file is an HFSQL database. It can be accessed and manipulated through the HFSQL engine distributed with WinDev/WebDev applications on all supported platforms or OS'es. To operate properly, every HFSQL database (.fic) must have an associated index file (.ndx).

Software to open or convert FIC files

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