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What is the .GDF file type?

The primary association of the .gdf extension lies with the proprietary '3DMove 3D Geological Model' file type and format (GDF). 3DMove is a legacy prime-class structural geology modeling software by Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. A 3DMove .gdf file is a binary file that contains data for a 3D geological model to be built and visualized with 3DMove, with a possibility to model geological processes.

Also, the .gdf extension is used in conjunction with the GUESS Graph Definition Format (GDF). GUESS is an open-source data analysis and graph visualization framework that uses GDF to define graphs. In GUESS, a .gdf file is a plaintext file that defines a series of nodes (points) along with a series of edges interconnecting those nodes. GDF files are interpreted and visualized by GUESS.

In PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor), the .gdf extension stands for 'GD Font' and is used in relation to the GD library to label GDF bitmap font files. A GDF font file is binary file that contains bitmap representation of font characters in an architecture-dependent encoding. GDF fonts are supported only by GD (PHP). There are converters to convert TureType (TTF) fonts into GDF.

In relation to WAMIT, a proprietary software by WAMIT, Inc. (MIT) to model ocean wave effect on artificial structures, the .gdf extension denotes the 'Geometry Definition' (GDF) file type/format. A .gdf file is a plaintext file that defines geometry for a single body within a WAMIT model in the GDF syntax.

In Windows-based game developing, the .gdf extension is associated with the 'Game Definition File' (GDF) file type used by Microsoft Windows Game Explorer. A .gdf file is an XML metadata file with a game's description. Such GDF files are created/edited in Game Definition File Editor in conjunction with the DirectX SDK. GDF files are used at the development stage.

The .gdf extension can also denote GlossTex definition files (GDF) used with GlossTeX, a Unix/Linux acronym glossary generation tool for TeX/LaTeX text processing frameworks. A GlossTeX .gdf file is a plaintext file with a series of acronym definitions in a special syntax.

When associated with the 'Guardian of Data Auftrag (Task)' (GDF) file type, the .gdf extension is also used by Guardian of Data, a commercial encryption utility by ASCOMP Software GmbH. A .gdf task file is a plaintext file that contains paths to files to be encrypted as well as various encryption settings. No password data are saved in .gdf files.

Occasionally, the .gdf extension may be found denoting files that contain copies of GDFS (Global Data Flash Storage) data for some Sony Ericsson cellular handsets. GDFS is a special memory area that stores hardware settings, defines security locks and holds key user data. More often seen with the .gdfs extension, such GDFS files are manipulated with the use of unofficial software.

Software to open or convert GDF files

You can open GDF files with the following programs:
Guardian Of Data
Guardian Of Data by ASCOMP Software GmbH
TabPlayer by
HomeGallery by Stefan Heymann

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