FLP File Extension

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What is the .FLP file type?

The FLP file extension is associated with FL Studio (formerly called FruityLoops), a software application used for composing and recording digital music. The FLP extension defines project files storing project-related data, including references to audio samples used in the project.

Adobe Flash (formerly known as Macromedia Flash) prior to version CS4 also used the FLP extension for Flash Project files. They represent XML-based documents containing information about the locations of all other files used in the corresponding project.

FLP files may also represent disk images created from 3.5" floppy diskettes. Such virtual floppy disks replicate the complete contents of the source medium and can be mounted on a floppy disk drive as an actual diskette.

In addition, the .flp file extension can define flipchart presentation files created with Activprimary, an educational program providing a set of tools for interactive whiteboards. FLP is the Activprimary's proprietary file format using PKZip compression to reduce the size of flipchart files.

The FLP file extension is also associated with Family Lawyer, a software application developed by Broderbund. It is designed to create legally binding documents like loan agreements, living wills, promissory notes, etc. FLP is the default document format used in the program.

Plus, FLP files can be used in Fractal Explorer, a free program for generation of magnificent fractal images. In this case, the .flp file extension refers to Fractal Landscape project files.

FLP files may also represent FlipAlbum files. FLP is a proprietary E-Book System file format used for storing picture album pages created with the program.

And finally, the .flp file extension may define Project Flow Charts created in CorelFlow, a drawing program used in the past for making diagrams and flowcharts.

Software to open or convert FLP files

You can open FLP files with the following programs:
FL Studio
FL Studio by Image-Line
PowerISO by Power Software Ltd
Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe Flash CS3 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
ActivInspire by Promethean
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Flash by Macromedia

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