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What is the .SSF file type?

The primary association of the .ssf filename extension belongs to the Reaktor Snapshot Bank (.ssf) file type and format, with reference to Reaktor, a proprietary premium sound synthesizer software (Apple Mac OS X/Microsoft Windows) by Native Instruments. Reaktor allows to synthesize sounds through complex combinations of basic synth modules augmented with filters and sound effects.

One of Reaktor's powerful features is Reaktor Library that stores instrument ensembles (.ens) and enables users to save their custom synthesizer setups, effects, instruments, samples, patches, etc. A snapshot bank (.ssf) is a collection of such items saved as a single file that can be loaded into Reaktor or Razor as a soundbank, using the "Snapshots" tab in the Reaktor Library panel.

Another association of the .ssf extension goes together with the Sogou Skin File (.ssf) file type. Named after the Sogou search engine, Sogou Pinyin is the name of the most popular hieroglyph input software by Sogou, Inc. that facilitates input of Chinese characters through categorization and providing 'live' input hints. Sogou Pinyin allows to use skins to customize its appearance, with a skin file (.ssf) being a regular ZIP archive with the "skin.ini" file and a number of GUI element images (BMP) inside.

With reference to the Aurora game engine by BioWare, the .ssf extension stands for the Aurora Soundset File (.ssf) file type and format. A soundset file (.ssf) is a definition of a set of sounds used by a game character in different game situations, making references to waveform resource files (.wav) and text strings to display as captions. Soundset files (.ssf) are used in many BioWare engine-based games (the Mass Effect series, the Dragon Age series, Neverwinter Nights, etc.) and are a common target for modding.

Alternatively, the .ssf extension denotes the Trimble Standard Storage Format (SSF) and the associated file type (.ssf). Trimble is an established large provider of GIS solutions, and SSF is Trimble's proprietary file format. An .ssf file is binary storage of coordinate geometry data obtained from GPS field devices, to be transferred into the Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office software, post-processed (differential correction), and exported (e.g., as shapefiles).

Another function of the .ssf extension is related to the SIGMA Data Center software by SIGMA SPORT, in the scope of which it denotes device settings files (.ssf) for any SIGMA sports device (heart rate monitor, sports watch, odometer, etc.). Here, an .ssf file stores the device's settings that can be imported to the same or another SIGMA device of the same type.

Besides, the .ssf extension serves to mark mobile phone theme files (.ssf) used with legacy Samsung cellular phone devices (e.g., Samsung SGH-D500). Such an .ssf file is a binary blob, containing images to style the phone's user interface appearance. Collections of user-made .ssf themes are available on the Internet.

Additionally, the .ssf extension acts as an ID marker for CCTV footage files in the obscure STL Stream Format (SSF), an H.264-based private container format used by certain Asian manufacturers of CCTV and DVR systems (e.g., Delta Engineering). Such .ssf files can be played with proprietary playback tools supplied with each such device.

In astronomy, the .ssf extension denotes the SynScan Firmware (.ssf) files for the SynScan hand-held controllers of Skywatcher telescopes. An .ssf file is a binary firmware update image supplied by the manufacturer (Pacific Telescope Corp.), to be uploaded to a SynScan device from a computer using the Skywatcher Firmware Loader utility.

Lastly, the .ssf extension also occurs in relation to the Structured Subtitles Format (SSF). An .ssf file is a text file that provides subtitles in an XML-based format with a rather complex syntax, similar to USF. SSF subtitles are not supported by most subtitle editors.

Software to open or convert SSF files

You can open SSF files with the following programs:
Native Instruments Reaktor
Native Instruments Reaktor by Native Instruments
PotPlayer by Kakao Corp.
Sigma Data Center
Sigma Data Center by Sigma Elektro GmbH
CSPro by U.S. Census Bureau
The KMPlayer
The KMPlayer by Pandora.TV

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