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What is the .FSB file type?

The primary association of the .fsb extension is tied up with the FMOD Sample Bank (FSB) file format and the related file type (.fsb). FMOD is a proprietary cross-platform, multi-format sound library developed by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd. and commercially licensed to video game companies. FMOD supports a wide range of gaming platforms and is currently used in a great number of games, including such top-popular titles as Diablo III, World of Warcraft (WoW), World of Tanks (WoT), Starcraft II, Mafia 2 and many others.

FMOD uses a concept of sample banks, large binary files (.fsb) in which individual sounds and in-game music are stored. An .fsb file is a library of sounds packaged with the use of the FSB container format, of which there are three main versions (FSB3, FSB4, and FSB5). FSB sample banks are referenced by the FMOD library within the game, and sounds/music are played, conditioned by the game events coded in .fev (FMOD Events) files.

Besides the official FMOD tools (FMOD Studio, FMOD Designer, etc.), there are several third-party tools that can extract/package sounds and music from/to FSB containers.

Besides, form•Z uses the .fsb extension to denote its form•Z script binary (FSB) files. form•Z is a potent commercial 3D shape/form generation tool by AutoDesSys, employing advanced NURBS algorithms and featuring parametric form generation and reshape capabilities. With form•Z, .fsb files are compiled versions of text-based scripts in the form•Z script language (.fsl). Binary .fsb scripts are executed faster by the form•Z script engine. FSB scripts are meant for execution only; all editing must be done on their respective source-code files (.fsl) followed by compilation.

Additionally, the .fsb extension comes in association with the TopoR Autorouting Variant (FSB) file type and format. TopoR (Topological Router) is a CAD tool (MS Windows) for topological routing of printed circuit boards (PCB), developed commercially by Eremex, Ltd. One of TopoR's most advanced features is automatic routing of single- and multiple-layer PCB's, and .fsb files are used to save different possible routing results. FSB files use a proprietary format and can only be opened with TopoR, although they can be exported to other formats.

Software to open or convert FSB files

You can open FSB files with the following programs:
formZ 8 Pro
formZ 8 Pro by AutoDesSys, Inc.
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
formZ 8 Free
formZ 8 Free by AutoDesSys, Inc.
formZ 8 SE
formZ 8 SE by AutoDesSys, Inc.

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