GP4 File Extension

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What is the .GP4 file type?

The filename extension .gp4 mainly belongs to the Guitar Pro 4 Tablature (.gp4) file type. Guitar Pro is a commercial application for authoring and transcribing guitar tablatures and notation developed by Arobas Music for several platforms. Guitar Pro tablatures are conventionally denoted with a .gp[n] extension, where [n] stands for the Guitar Pro version number. For instance, a .gp4 file represents a Guitar Pro 4 tablature, while Guitar Pro 2 tabs were saved as .gp2 files. A .gp4 file is a Guitar Pro 4 tablature saved in a proprietary binary format, distinguished by the "FICHIER GUITAR PRO v4" ASCII signature in the file's header. GP4 tabs can be opened in Guitar Pro 4 and later versions. Besides Guitar Pro, several other tablature editors allow to open, edit, and re-save .gp4 files. GP4 and its earlier version GP3 (Guitar Pro 3) remain the most popular formats for exchanging guitar music on the Internet.

As an abbreviation of 'Group 4,' the .gp4 extension is also known to represent the CALS Raster Image (.gp4, .cal, .ras) file type. It is associated with the CALS raster file format developed by US Department of Defense as a standard image processing and electronic document exchange format for the Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support (CALS) program. A .gp4 file is a compound document saved in the CALS raster format that contains multiple bitmap images encoded with the CCITT Group 4 graphics compression method. With the CALS raster format widely supported in software, CALS images (.gp4, .cal, .ras) can be directly imported in major CAD/CAM applications and viewed by several image viewers.

Software to open or convert GP4 files

You can open GP4 files with the following programs:
Guitar Pro
Guitar Pro by Arobas Music
TuxGuitar by Herac
TuxGuitar by TuxGuitar

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