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What is the .TMS file type?

The filename extension .tms is mainly known thanks to its association with the ArcSoft ShowBiz Project (.tms) file type introduced by ArcSoft, Inc. with their commercial video editor named ArcSoft ShowBiz (a discontinued product). A .tms file is an ArcSoft ShowBiz project. In a proprietary format that combines binary section with text-based XML parts, the .tms file provides pathname references to all clips imported and used in a given project, along with all effects and transitions applied. No actual video or audio data is stored in the project file. Such TMS projects can be opened in ArcSoft ShowBiz only and must be exported in a standard container format to be published as digital video. The .tms file type gets automatically associated with ArcSoft ShowBiz in the process of its installation.

Apart from that, the .tms extension also represents the Tableau Map Service File (.tms) file type associated with the Tableau business intelligence software product from Tableau Software. Among its other features, Tableau offers extensive data mapping capabilities and provides built-in Web Map Service (WMS) connectivity. For connecting to non-WMS compatible map servers, the Tableau Map Service (TMS) is used. A .tms file is a text-based XML document specifying connection details for the TMS. Such files are intended to be manually edited in a text editor and get saved in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Mapsources" folder (Microsoft Windows).

The .tms extension is also known to have been associated with the Telemate Script (.tms) file type, with reference to Telemate, an ancient MS-DOS dial-up modem control and file transfer utility written by Hu Tsung. In this context, a .tms file would represent a plain-text list of Telemate commands to be executed as a batch.

Software to open or convert TMS files

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