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What is the .STO file type?

The primary association of the .sto filename extension belongs to the PRO100 Project File (STO) file format/type. PRO100 is a commercial 3D furniture and interior design software by Ecru Oprogramowanie implemented as a standalone MS Windows application. PRO100 is capable of real-time 3D visualization, using libraries of standard or pre-made furniture parts or pieces, generating cutouts and general layout drawings, etc. PRO100 is quite popular as a hands-on interior design tool among amateur designers and small private furniture makers.

An .sto file is a binary file, representing a PRO100 design project in the proprietary STO format. "STO" is the Polish for "100", being part of the wordplay used in the software name (PRO100 means "prosto," "simply, straight" in English). Usually, .sto projects rely on one or several additional .meb furniture library files.

All PRO100 templates and projects are saved as .sto files. PRO100 design projects (.sto) cannot be opened or imported into other CAD applications, intended to be used with PRO100 only. PRO100 comes with a number of sample templates (.sto).

Besides, the .sto extension is also tied up with the OpenSim Storage (.sto) file type. An open-source tool for modeling human, robot, and animal movements and interaction, OpenSim uses .sto files to store time-bound motion data in a special dual-section format (header and data sections), similar to motion data files (.mot) also used with OpenSim.

Apart from that, the .sto extension also has an association with the Shredder Tournament Configuration (STO) file type/format. Multiple winner of the world champion title in computer chess, Shredder is a proprietary computer chess program by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen. Shredder uses .sto files to configure its chess tournament options and settings.

Software to open or convert STO files

You can open STO files with the following programs:
PRO100 DEMO by Ecru Software
PRO100 wersja
PRO100 wersja by Ecru Oprogramowanie
Shredder Classic
Shredder Classic by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
iRacing Setup Sync
iRacing Setup Sync by Nick Thissen

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