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What is the .TTX file type?

The .ttx filename extension is mainly associated with the proprietary Trados Tag Document (TTX) file type and format. TTX is used in conjunction with Trados, a suite of commercial CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) software tools (PC/Windows) by SDL.

The XML-based TTX format allows to store bilingual translation data in a single file, while preserving the initial file format of a source-language file. Creation of TTX files is possible with several popular source formats like HTML, DOC, TXT, PPT etc.

For proper processing, a TTX file must remain in the same directory with the source file(-s), and all such files must retain their original filenames. In earlier Trados versions, TTX files are created and are meant to be used with TagEditor, an integrated tool for managing bilingual translation files.

Although outdated and replaced with the newer SDLXLIFF format, TTX is still widely used by translators for bilingual files.

In typesetting, the .ttx extension is associated with the TTX font definition format and file type. TTX stands for 'TrueType, XML,' and a .ttx file is a plaintext XML equivalent of a corresponding binary TrueType font file. With the use of the free TTX tool, .ttx files can be converted into .ttf, and vice versa.

In connection with Crystal Reports, a commercial business intelligence software by SAP, the .ttx extension is linked to the Data Definition (TTX) file type. A TTX file is a temporary plaintext file with description of a database table structure, created in the system temporary directory (%temp%) in the process of report preparation. TTX files are also used to connect data sources to a report.

In industry, the .ttx extension can be also associated with the proprietary encrypted Sensitech Temperature Data (TTX) format used by Sensitech temperature monitoring devices for secure storage, exchange and analysis of measured temperature values. Sensitech TTX files can only be opened with the company's proprietary software and the ColdStream online service.

Software to open or convert TTX files

You can open TTX files with the following programs:
Typ-Top by Uitgeverij De Boeck
SDL Trados
SDL Trados by SDL International
T-Time by Voyager Japan Inc.

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