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What is the .WID file type?

The .wid extension is most frequently associated with the Web Intelligence Document (WID) file type and format. Web Intelligence (Webi) is a web-based part of SAP BusinessObjects, a comprehensive business intelligence framework. WID is the default report format for Webi including Webi Rich Client, a Webi client application for offline work.

A .wid file is a Webi report document that stores business analytics, calculation and other report-related data in the proprietary WID format. Such WID reports are meant to be worked with in Webi and may have certain access restrictions (editing/viewing rights) set.

Depending on report contents, WID files can be either partially or wholly converted into Desktop Intelligence reports (.rep) with the use of the Report Conversion Tool (RTC).

In Windows software development, the .wid extension is also used to denote MS Visual Studio Deployment Dialog Schema files (WID) that are customizable installer dialogs used in conjunction with Windows Installer. WID dialog files are meant to be used within MS Visual Studio and can be opened and edited with Orca, a special tool in Windows Installer SDK.

Still another occurrence of the .wid extension is related to MS Windows Search indexing service that creates temporary index files with several extensions (.ci, .wid, .dir) in the process of indexing new files and/or directories. Such .wid files are temporary and are not meant to be interacted with by the user.

Besides, the .wid extension may also be assigned to Task Definition (WID) files used by BPMN 2.0 Modeler, a graphical Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) tool for Unix/Linux systems. BPMN 2.0 Modeler is part of the larger open-source Eclipse SOA Project. In this scope, WID files are used to define custom tasks within BPMN projects (diagrams).

In dendrochronology (age-of-trees science), the .wid extension is used to label the CDendro Ring Width Data file type (WID) as an abbreviation of 'Width.' CDendro is a commercial software for MS Windows used to cross-date and analyze tree ring width data. A CDendro .wid file is a plaintext file with a simple header and a series of ring width values, each starting with a new line.

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