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What is the .GBA file type?

The .gba filename extension primarily belongs to files that contain copies of GBA (Game Boy Advance) ROM (Read-Only Memory) game cartridges. Game Boy Advance is a popular portable electronic game device developed and marketed by Nintendo in 2000-2005. GBA (sometimes also known as Pokemon GBA) files are dump binary copies made from ROM chip banks installed in actual cartridges.

The main purpose of .gba files is to be used with software GBA emulators. There are several distinct software GBA emulators available for different platforms (including Android), and a .gba file acts as a virtual game cartridge attached to an emulated GBA device. GBA files are also often referred to as GBA ROM's.

Legally, using GBA game images is controversial, since technically all .gba files are copies of the copyrighted ROM content and the use of any software emulator would require a binary copy of GBA BIOS, also copyrighted by Nintendo. However, a number of popular GBA games are publicly available on the Internet.

Software to open or convert GBA files

You can open GBA files with the following programs:
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