WIM File Extension

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What is the .WIM file type?

The .wim extension is a designation of the proprietary Windows Imaging Format (WIM) developed by Microsoft for its Windows operating systems, starting with Windows Vista. WIM is a device- and platform-independent file-based image format, and part of the standard Microsoft's system deployment procedure.

A .wim file is a large binary file, representing a WIM image. WIM images are used as distribution media for OS deployment, containing pre-configured MS Windows installation files. WIM software deployment packages can be updated to include latest drivers, security and bugfix patches, etc. WIM images can be made bootable ("BOOT.wim"), requiring the use of a bootloader and an additional configuration file.

There are several official tools available from Microsoft for creating and modifying WIM files (ImageX, GImageX, DISM). With such tools, a .wim file can be created, modified, and mounted as a logical disk. Besides, WIM images can be converted into other disk-image formats (ISO) as well as simply treated as regular archives that can be opened and manipulated with certain archivers (e.g., 7zip).

Software to open or convert WIM files

You can open WIM files with the following programs:
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov
PowerISO by Power Software Ltd
WinZip by Winzipper Pvt Ltd.

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