ITC2 File Extension

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What is the .ITC2 file type?

The .itc2 extension associates with the 'iTunes Cover Flow Data File 2' format and files in this format. ITC2 files are used by Apple iTunes to store album art and related metadata like track names, duration, release year, author data etc.

In fact, .itc2 files bear the same function as .itc files, being the 'enhanced' version of the same format. Unlike plaintext .itc files, files in the .itc2 format come encrypted and, thus, can be opened with iTunes only. Because of encryption, files with the .itc2 extension are binary and cannot be read directly in a text editor.

On Windows systems, .itc2 files would be normally stored inside the '~\My Music\iTunes\Album Art' directory. There is no direct association between the .itc2 file type and iTunes in Windows. ITC2 files should not be opened by a direct double-click as they are rather part of the internal iTunes mechanics and are bound up with respective media albums from within the suite.

Software to open or convert ITC2 files

You can open ITC2 files with the following programs:
iTunes by Apple Inc.
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery by Microsoft Corporation
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
QuickTime by Apple Inc.

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