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What is the .PSF file type?

The .psf filename extension occurs most frequently in association with the ArcSoft PhotoStudio File (.psf) file type and format. PSF is a proprietary image format developed by ArcSoft for their bitmap graphics manipulation software ArcSoft PhotoStudio that preserves layers and individual layer settings.

A .psf file is an ArcSoft PhotoStudio bitmap image, identifiable by the "FSPA" ASCII signature at the file's header. Such PSF files can be generally opened with the use of ArcSoft software only. Once opened in PhotoStudio, any .psf image can be exported to one of the standard image formats like JPEG. Additionally, some multi-format image viewers are capable of reading .psf bitmaps.

Apart from that, the .psf extension has an association with the Adobe Photoshop Proof Setup File (.psf) file type and format. PSF files are used in Adobe Photoshop, a premium digital photography and bitmap image manipulation tool by Adobe Systems, to preview images as if they were printed on a specific device (soft proofing). On Microsoft Windows (Vista and later), Adobe Photoshop stores proof setup (.psf) files in the "AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Color/Proofing" folder.

Additionally, the .psf extension stands for the Portable Sound Format (PSF), initially known as PlayStation Sound Format. PSF is a widespread format for storing rips of original game console music. A .psf file is a PSF audio file. It is basically a PlayStation executable (PSX EXE) that contains music data and a "driver" to play the sequence. For sets of multiple PSF files, the driver portion is often separated into the "driver.psflib" file. PSF music files can be played by several popular media players via plugins. Entire archives of PSF music exist on the Internet.

Another role of the .psf extension relates to the PowerArchiver Skin File (.psf) file type. PowerArchiver is a paid archive manager by ConeXware, Inc. that supports UI skins. A skin file (.psf) is a BlackHole (BH)-compressed archive, containing a DirectSkin file (.uis), button icons (.ico), and the "toolbar.bmp" and "settings.ini" files. PSF skin files can be directly opened with PowerArchiver to change its interface appearance.

Standing for Parallels Shared Folder (PSF), the ".psf" string also acts as a main connection point for shared folders set up for virtual machines that are hosted with the Parallels Desktop virtualization software on Apple Mac OS X. Here, ".psf" is not an extension, but rather a network directory name accessed from a Windows virtual machine as \\.psf.

An old acronym for PC Screen Font (PSF), the .psf extension also denotes console bitmap font files (.psf) on GNU/Linux. A console font file (.psf) contains a set of bitmap images of a certain size (e.g., 8x16) for each character included in the font. Located in the "/usr/share/consolefonts" directory and often gzipped, monospace PSF fonts are used to render text in the console (CLI) mode. Numerous editors and tools exist to work with PSF fonts.

Starting with its 2014 edition, the PowerShell Studio scripting environment for Microsoft Windows by SAPIEN Technologies uses the .psf extension for its PowerShell Studio Form (.psf) file type/format, instead of the .pff extension used earlier. A .psf file is a PowerShell Studio script in special ASCII format with serialized binary data. Such PSF form files can be opened in PowerShell Studio 2014; older .pff files are automatically converted by this version into the newer PSF format.

Referring to Eclipse, an open-source cross-platform Java programming environment, the .psf extension denotes the Project Set File (.psf) file type and format. The .psf file is an entire Eclipse project exported for team development via CVS, Git, or other teamwork providers. A PSF teamwork project can be imported into an Eclipse workspace.

AutoCAD, a popular versatile CAD system by Autodesk, uses the .psf extension as a label for its PostScript pattern files that contain font substitution information for generating PostScript output. Such PSF files are auxiliary files not meant to be directly opened by the user.

In Abaqus, a Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) system by Dassault Systemes, the .psf extension stands for the Python Scripting File (.psf) file type. Here, a .psf file is a text file with the source code of a Python script. Along with environment (.env) and other files, PSF scripts are used for parametric studies in Abaqus.

In biophysics, the .psf extension stands for the Protein Structure File (.psf) file type and format, with reference to the NAMD (Nanoscale Molecular Dynamics) project and the associated VMD software. In this context, a .psf file is a text file that describes compositional structure of a protein molecule for dynamic simulation purposes within NAMD (VMD). PSF files are generated on the basis of raw .pdb files, most commonly obtained from the Protein Data Bank (PDB).

On Microsoft's Windows Server OS'es, the .psf extension belongs to the Patch Storage File (.psf) file type/format, with reference to the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) technology. Located in the "C:\WSUS\WSUSContent" folder by default, PSF files are express update installation packages fetched from the main Microsoft update site and served on a local or corporate network. Unnecessary .psf files can be removed with the Server Cleanup Wizard.

In the scope of HP-UX (a proprietary Unix System V derivative by Hewlett-Packard), the .psf extension is assigned to the Product Specification File (.psf) file type. A .psf file is a text file that provides detailed software product specifications, installation/removal prerequisites and instructions for the SD-UX (Software Distributor) subsystem.

With specific reference to Medion GPS navigation devices, the .psf extension acts as a label for map and/o POI (Points-Of-Interest) files in a proprietary format understood by the Medion GoPal GPS software only. To be 'seen' by the device, all .psf files (both maps and POI) must be placed into the "MapRegions" directory of the device's memory card.

In molecular physics, the .psf extension represents the SIESTA Pseudopotential File (.psf) file type and the ASCII format to record atomic pseudopotentials of chemical elements. Pseudopotential files in the SIESTA format (.psf) are used by several other scientific programs like Octopus.

Software to open or convert PSF files

You can open PSF files with the following programs:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems, Inc.

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