GDT File Extension

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What is the .GDT file type?

GDT files are primarily associated with Guitar & Drum Trainer software designed to change the song's tempo to improve users' music playing/singing/dancing skills. GDT files represent song configuration files that allow saving and restoring settings for a particular song. They contain saved loops, color presets, mixer presets, and other settings.

GDT files can also be related to Gretl, a free cross-platform software project for performing econometric analysis. They represent Gretl XML data files that can be stored either as simple text files or as gzipped packages. GDT data files contain actual data values as well as some additional information, for example the description of variables.

In addition, the GDT file extension is also associated with the Genbox Family History program developed by Thoughtful Creations. The GDT file extension is attributed to Genbox Family History databases that store genealogy data of users. Basically, the Genbox Database Format works the same way as Microsoft Access 2000 database files with the .mdb file extension.

Software to open or convert GDT files

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