OVG File Extension

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What is the .OVG file type?

Resulting from typing errors, the ".ovg" string often appears as a misspelled variant of the .ogv extension that stands for the Theora Video File (.ogv) file format. Theora is an open/free video compression algorithm and its reference implementation (codec) developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation, the creator of the Ogg format and codec family.

The .ogv file is a Theora video file. The only correct way to designate and to refer to such video files is to use the .ogv extension, although the generic .ogg family extension may also be (incorrectly) used sometimes. Theora video files (.ogv) use the standard Ogg container and can be opened and played by many multimedia players on different platforms or OS'es.

Historically, the .ovg extension relates to the long-disused ObjectVision Graphics Object (.ovg) file type/format. ObjectVision for Windows is the name of an ancient Microsoft Windows-based application development framework from Borland International. In ObjectVision, .ovg files were used to store WMF or BMP graphic objects embedded into forms.

Software to open or convert OVG files

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