PITEM File Extension

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What is the .PITEM file type?

The .pitem filename extension denotes the ArcGIS Portal Item (.pitem) file type used with the ArcGIS geographic information system (GIS) from Esri. Through its ArcGIS REST API, ArGIS allows to host GIS resources on web portals powered by ArcGIS Server and its multiple services, each handling its own item type through intermediary files like .pitem.

The .pitem file is specifically used as a pointer to image and feature layers provided by the ArcGIS Server Image Service. It is a normal text file (ASCII) that uses JSON syntax to provide a full synopsis of the ArcGIS feature or image layer, including its description, terms of use, data source URL, access rights, etc. The standard filename for such ArcGIS portal item files is "item.pitem."

On an ArcGIS web portal, one can obtain the "item.pitem" file for an image or feature layer by using the "Open in ArcGIS for Desktop" command in the item's context menu (offered only on supported operating systems like Microsoft Windows). The .pitem files are meant to be opened in ArcMAP, the core component of the ArcGIS for Desktop suite.

Software to open or convert PITEM files

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