OPL File Extension

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What is the .OPL file type?

The OPL file extension is associated with Psion Open Programming Language Source code files. OPL files are used on old portable devices running on the Symbian Operating System v.6.1 and v.7.0, for example Nokia 92xx/9300/9500 and Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 models. It is also possible to run OPL files on a PC using emulators.

Files with the .opl extension are designed for running applications and games tailored to the particular mobile devices. OPL files are written in the Open Programming Language that was developed by Psion, Ltd for their Psion Organisers (small pocket computers) in the 1980s and was initially called the Organiser Programming Language. In 2003, OPL was released as an open source and royalty-free project.

Most applications created in the Open Programming Language come as a source code with the .opl extension. Such files include PROCedures that have the same tasks as functions in modern programming languages. In order to run an OPL file properly, it is necessary to compile the program first.

Software to open or convert OPL files

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