MPDP File Extension

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What is the .MPDP file type?

The .mpdp filename extension represents the MixPad Project (.mpdp) file type, with reference to the MixPad multi-track digital audio processing and mixing software developed by NCH Software and released for several platforms, including Microsoft Windows. A free MixPad version for home users is available.

An .mpdp file is a MixPad audio project. It is a small-sized file in a private binary format that contains all track information, defines mixing effects and settings, and generally saves all project-level data. Every MixPad project (.mpdp) is accompanied by an automatically created folder named after the project and additionally denoted with the .ProjectData suffix (e.g., "MyProject.mpdp.ProjectData"). This folder contains all of the project's actual resources, including project autosave data. MixPad associates itself with the .mpdp file type during installation. MixPad projects (.mpdp) can only be opened with MixPad and must be exported in one of the standard compressed (MP3) or uncompressed (WAV) formats, with all of its tracks and effects mixed down, to be playable outside MixPad.


Software to open or convert MPDP files

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