JPGX File Extension

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What is the .JPGX file type?

The .jpgx filename extension represents the Acer eDataSecurity Management Encrypted JPEG File (.jpgx) file type. Acer eDataSecurity Management is a legacy Microsoft Windows encryption utility developed by EgisTec Inc. for Acer, often bundled with new Acer PC's and laptops. Among other features, it allowed to encrypt files and entire folders, while each encrypted file received the "x" suffix to its extension as a marker of its protected state.

The .jpgx file is a JPEG image (originally, .jpg) encrypted in a private cryptographic format with Acer eDataSecurity Management. Such .jpgx files cannot be accessed in any way, except through decryption in Acer eDataSecurity Management, subject to the knowledge of the password set at the time of the initial encryption.

Apparently to avoid confusion with multiple commonly used file types, the more recent eDataSecurity Management versions (2.8+) switched to using the "enx" suffix instead of "x".

In web design, the non-standard .jpgx extension is commonly used in dynamically generated captcha image references (e.g., "201411300859domain-60-20.jpgx") in server-side PHP scripts. Such a filename does not point to an actual file but rather provides a unique ID string, to be parsed by the captcha server for generating an image. The actual captcha images use the standard web graphics formats (PNG, JPEG, or GIF).

Software to open or convert JPGX files

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