NSMP File Extension

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What is the .NSMP file type?

An abbreviation of 'Nord Sample,' the .nsmp filename extension stands for the Nord Sample Instrument (.nsmp) file type and format. Nord is an established trademark of premium electronic keyboards and related software made by Clavia DMI AB. Nord keyboards (e.g., Nord Stage 2 or Nord Electro 5) use high-quality sample-based instrument sets and allow to create and use custom instruments.

The .nsmp file is a sample-based instrument for a Nord keyboard. In a single file, it combines waveform samples, losslessly compressed with Clavia's proprietary algorithm, key and velocity mappings, and other data. Usable only with Nord keyboards, such NSMP files are organized with the Nord Sound Manager and can be uploaded to, and downloaded from an instrument's memory. Custom sample instruments can be created from WAV files using the Nord Sample Editor. Instrument files (.nsmp) are generated from the Nord Sample Editor projects (.nwiproj).

Besides the official Nord website that offers factory-default instrument sets for download, .nsmp files can be obtained from a variety of sources on the Internet such as Nord user forums, etc.

Software to open or convert NSMP files

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