SNG File Extension

Have a problem opening a .SNG file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what SNG files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .SNG file type?

The .sng extension is a shortcut to 'Song.' This extension is primarily used to denote the Korg Song (SNG) file type and format. Korg is a well-established trademark for professional-quality electronic keyboards, and SNG is a MIDI-based proprietary format natively used in Korg keyboards to save MIDI data as .sng files.

There are several main Korg models (Trinity, Triton etc.), each of which uses a slightly different SNG version while all use the same .sng extension. Internally, an .sng file is a MIDI-like sequence of messages requesting certain notes to be played with the specified duration/pitch by set instruments. An SNG file is not music itself — it stores instructions on how to play the music.

Korg SNG files are best handled by the same Korg device that created them, and they can also be converted into MIDI by the device. Alternatively, such SNG files can be converted into generic MIDI sequences (with possible disarrangement of instruments and/or sound banks) via several third-party converters. Korg SNG files can also be directly supported by commercial sequencer software titles.

Similar to Korg, other electronic synthesizer keyboards of other makers (like Kurzweil) use the .sng extension to label their song files. Such generic SNG files may be in a variety of MIDI-based formats, and they may be incompatible with each other. The SNG file type is also used by computer sequencer software.

SNG files should be processed with the same software/device that was used to create them in the first place. If the origin of an .sng file is unknown, one can try opening the .sng file with any text editor (no saving!) to look for origin clues in the file's header.

Most media players support SNG playback as MIDI, however, playback quality and sound may be quite different from the original track due to differences in MIDI implementation across players/systems.

Software to open or convert SNG files

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