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What is the .PMP file type?

Most commonly, the .pmp filename extension represents the PMP Video File (.pmp) file type, with reference to a custom multimedia container format specifically devised for video playback on resource-constrained mobile devices, like Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PMP format originated with PMPlayer Advance (PPA), a popular alternative PSP multimedia player developed by Cooleyes.

The .pmp file is video file that uses the PMP container. Such files are playable on PSP devices through PMPlayer Advance. Besides, there are several desktop multimedia players and utilities that can play and/or convert PMP video. Although PMP allows to use several video codecs, the most frequent combinations are PMP DivX/XViD and PMP AVC. With the direct support for MPEG-4 video files in latest PSP firmware versions, the PMP format has become quite obscure, although it is still used on the PSP scene.

In AutoCAD, a versatile commercial CAD system from Autodesk, the .pmp extension occurs in association with the Plot Model Parameter (PMP) file type and format. In such .pmp files, custom calibration and paper size data are saved for each plotter device configured in AutoCAD through plotter configuration (.pc3) files.

A popular freeware picture viewer and organizer from Google, Picasa uses the .pmp extension for its metadata database files. Stored in "%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Google\Picasa3\db3" (Microsoft Windows), such .pmp files are databases containing different kinds of metadata gathered from the user's pictures, albums, categories, etc. All .pmp databases are indexed in their companion .db files, with "thumbindex.db" being the key index file. Although PMP files in Picasa use a non-standard binary format, there are unofficial tools to extract metadata from Picasa's .db/.pmp storages.

Another occurrence of the .pmp extension relates to the PHPMaker Project (.pmp) file type. Here, the .pmp file is a plaintext XML file storing database connection settings, PHP page template bindings, and other information that makes up a standalone project in PHPMaker, a paid PHP web application development tool from e.World Technology Ltd. PMP projects are saved into the "Documents\PHPMaker\Projects" folder by default.

In the GIS-related field work, the .pmp extension denotes the CMT MapPad/Field CE GIS File (.pmp) file type/format. PMP is a proprietary format developed by CMT Inc. for their Windows CE-based Field CE GIS surveyor units and the MapPad GPS/GIS software. The .pmp file stores GIS data acquired with such a field unit. On a PC, both import and export of GIS files in the PMP format are supported in PC-GPS and other CMT's commercial software.

Within Pegasus Mail, a freeware e-mail client for Microsoft Windows by D.Harris, the .pmp extension denotes notepad files. Stored by default in "C:\PMAIL\MAIL\ADMIN" with cryptic filenames (e.g., "V2ZM2CSE.pmp"), such .pmp files are simple text storages for notepads created in Pegasus Mail.

Apart from that, the .pmp extension was once used for digital image files produced by the DSC-F1 digital camera (Sony). PMP was Sony's proprietary format based on using the standard JPEG image augmented with a non-standard header for storing the image's metadata. Besides Sony's software, several other tools (Pump, etc.) allowed to convert .pmp images into the standard JPEG format.

Software to open or convert PMP files

You can open PMP files with the following programs:
5KPlayer by DearMob, Inc.
MpcStar by
Wondershare Player(Build)
DVDFab Media Player
DVDFab Media Player by Fengtao Software Inc.

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