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What is the .NOTEBOOK file type?

The .notebook extension is bound up with the SMART Notebook File (.notebook) file format and type. It is a proprietary document format of SMART Notebook, a commercial cross-platform (MS Windows/Mac OS X/Linux) application aimed at visual preparation of interactive lesson materials. SMART Notebook is localized in many languages, and has a large user base.

A .notebook file is a single binary container, holding an entire SMART Notebook document—with multiple pages, embedded graphics, design and layout information, notes, etc. NOTEBOOK files can be opened with any SMART tool that supports the format, as well as uploaded, edited, and shared through a dedicated SMART web service. NOTEBOOK files are platform-independent and can be exported into several standard formats like HTML, PDF, etc.

SMART Notebook (and/or other SMART applications) would register the .notebook file type in the system and associate it to itself, also presenting an option to set up the default handler. For viewing .notebook files, SMART provides the free SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer tool and SMART Notebook Express, available both as web service and standalone application.

Software to open or convert NOTEBOOK files

You can open NOTEBOOK files with the following programs:
SMART Notebook
SMART Notebook by SMART Technologies ULC
SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer
SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer by SMART Technologies ULC
SMART Board Software
SMART Board Software by SMART Technologies Inc.

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