PKINFO File Extension

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What is the .PKINFO file type?

The .pkinfo filename extension represents the ArcGIS Package Information File (.pkinfo) file type as used by the ArcGIS family of Esri's Geographic Information System (GIS) products and online services. Since ArcGIS 9.3.1, a technology has been implemented that made it possible to use resources, conveniently packaged into single package files (e.g., layer packages, .lpk). Each ArcGIS package (map package, layer package, etc.) downloaded from Esri's web portal has its companion package info file (.pkinfo). Package info files (.pkinfo) are part of Esri's ArcGIS REST application program interface (API).

The package info file (.pkinfo) provides a structured description of its ArcGIS resource package. It is a small XML document in which such details as the package ID, name, location, size, and creation date are listed. Such files are intended to be opened and processed in ArcGIS. Additionally, any .pkinfo file can be directly opened in a text editor, and as the package's URL is embedded in the <packagelocation> element, it can be easily extracted to directly download, if necessary, the ArcGIS package it points to.


Software to open or convert PKINFO files

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