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What is the .ICS file type?

The .ics extension points out to the iCalendar (ICS) file format and file type. iCalendar is a well-supported standard format for keeping and exchange of calendar information. The iCalendar format is protocol-independent, so calendar data can be exchanged and updated via a number of available services (e.g., HTTP, e-mail or WebDav).

A typical .ics file is a plaintext file, viewable with a text editor. The file contains calendar event data in a semantically structured XML-based code. ICS files allow to record, exchange, import and update availability dates and times, make and cancel appointments as well as plan ahead with to-do lists.

ICS calendar files are widely supported be e-mail clients, organizer/calendar software in Windows, MacOS/iOS, Android and GNU/Linux, as well as many popular online services (like Google Calendar).

The .ics extension is associated in Windows with Microsoft (MS) Outlook by default, and often during Outlook updates it would be 'stolen' (re-associated with MS Outlook) from other programs that also use it.

In real-time logistics, the .ics extension can be found in 'IsoChrone Save' (ICS) binary files created and used by Travel Time Boundaries, a logistical software developed by Active Informatics Ltd.

The .ics extension can be associated with binary IronCAD Part (ICS) files, which are proprietary descriptions of 3D-model properties like color, texture, lighting effects and morphology in IronCAD, a 3D modeling software by IronCAD, LLC.

Software to open or convert ICS files

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