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What is the .IMX file type?

The filename extension .imx is chiefly associated with the iMindMap 5+ Mind Map Document (.imx) file type and format introduced by OpenGenius Ltd. (ThinkBuzan) for their commercial mind-mapping software iMindMap. iMindMap is a Java-based cross-platform application that enables creation of visually attractive mind maps in different styles, including 3D presentations. IMX has become the standard document format for all releases of iMindMap since version 5, while earlier versions saved their mind maps as .imm files.

The .imx file is a mind map document created in iMindMap 5 or later. It serves as a single-file container for all data of a mind-mapping project, including structure and style descriptions, bitmap images, etc. The IMX format provides for cross-platform compatibility, so that a mind map (.imx) created on a PC can be read in iMindMap on an iOS device. Since IMX is a proprietary format, such files can be natively opened and created by iMindMap only, although read/write IMX support is additionally claimed by several alternative mind-mapping programs.

Another association of the .imx extension belongs to the Autodesk IMX file format. Standing for Infrastructure Model Exchange, IMX is an XML format specifically designed to facilitate quick and efficient transfer of AutoCAD Civil 3D infrastructure models (roads, etc.) into Autodesk InfraWorks (formerly, Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler, AIM), and vice versa. The .imx file is a 3D model with its metadata exported from Autodesk InfraWorks or AutoCAD Civil 3D. IMX is natively supported by both applications.

The .imx extension is also related to SAS/IML Studio, a versatile commercial data analysis and exploration application by SAS Institute Inc., denoting the IMLPlus Matrix (.imx) file type/format. IMLPlus is an enhanced version of the SAS/IML matrix description language used in SAS/IML Studio by default. IMLPlus matrix definitions are saved as .imx files, one per each file, and can be opened using IMLPlus-compatible SAS software.

Software to open or convert IMX files

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