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What is the .IR file type?

The primary association of the .ir extension goes with the Eclipse EGL Intermediate Representation (IR) file type and format. EGL (Enterprise Generation Language) is a high-abstraction modern language by IBM for writing business applications for a variety of platforms and implementation languages. Compatibility is ensured by translation of EGL into platform- and environment-specific implementation languages (e.g., Java, COBOL etc.).

EGL build tools are incorporated into the IBM Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), and in that context an .ir file is the intermediary compiled binary version of an EGL source-code file (.egl). Such .ir files are used for debugging and as input for generation of final binary projects. IR files are usually placed into the 'EGLBin' subdirectory of the project's root.

In multimedia, the .ir extension can be associated with IR (infra-red) remote control profile (.ir) files used by Logitech Media Server, LMS (formerly, SqueezeCenter, Squeezebox Server) in connection with Logitech Squeezebox-type devices. Paired up with .map files, such .ir profiles are used as definition templates for various IR remote control units that can be set up to work with LMS. These .ir files are located in the "IR" subdirectory.

The .ir extension can also be encountered in Infra-Red Data (IR) files created and/or used by C-Max Control by Applied Digital, Inc., a provider of automation solutions based on IR-controllers (Ocelot/Leopard). IR files (also with the .lir extension) are used as data files to program such controllers.

Software to open or convert IR files

You can open IR files with the following programs:
Crestron Toolbox
Crestron Toolbox by Crestron Electronics Inc.
Crestron DVPHDTool
Crestron DVPHDTool by Crestron Electronics Inc.
Crestron ProdigyTools
Crestron ProdigyTools by Crestron Electronics Inc.
Crestron ProSoundTools
Crestron ProSoundTools by Crestron Electronics Inc.
Crestron Procise Tools
Crestron Procise Tools by Crestron Electronics Inc.

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