PS File Extension

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What is the .PS file type?

The .ps extension denotes files in the Adobe PostScript (PS) format. PostScript is a device-independent interpreted programming language used to define and control output of computer printers. PS is very well suited for printing text and vector graphics and was the industry standard in desktop and press publishing for a long time.

A .ps file is basically a small source-code plaintext file with a program in the PostScript language.

Inside a PS file, there are instructions to the printer/software on what and how should be printed. When a PS program is executed by a PS-enabled printer or software, its output would be printed or displayed as a page.

On desktops, .ps files can be opened, viewed and printed via a large number of document viewers, readers, image processing and publishing products as well as dedicated PS tools. Older laser printers have their own PS interpreter modules and can process PS files directly. Many office suites also allow import from PS files.

Alternatively, the .ps extension can be used to denote multimedia files in the MPEG-2 Program Stream (MPEG-2-PS) format. It is a container format to store compressed media streams in an interleaved way. Media .ps files can be opened with any MPEG-supporting media player.

Software to open or convert PS files

You can open PS files with the following programs: 

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