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What is the .ISF file type?

The .isf filename extension primarily denotes the Inspiration Document (.isf) file type associated with Inspiration, a commercial diagramming, visual mapping, and presentation software product by Inspiration Software, Inc. An .isf file is an Inspiration document — a presentation, map, chart, or diagram — embedding in a single container all of the associated graphics and structural elements. Inspiration documents (.isf) use a proprietary binary format and can only be correctly opened with Inspiration. Besides, Inspiration presentations or diagrams (.isf) can be opened and viewed using the free Inspiration Presenter tool, available from Inspiration Software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.

Another occurrence of the .isf extension is related to the Tektronix Oscilloscope Data (.isf) file type, with reference to oscilloscope instruments manufactured by Tektronix, Inc. Tektronix oscilloscopes are capable of capturing waveform signals and save the captured data using Tektronix's internal file format (ISF). An .isf file represents a waveform signal captured with a Tektronix oscilloscope (e.g., TDS3000 or MSO3000 series) and saved in ISF format. Such .isf data files can be opened and manipulated using the Tektronix OpenChoice Desktop utility, freely available from Tektronix.

The .isf extension is also known to represent the Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation Specification (.isf) file type. As part of Intergraph's comprehensive SmartPlant Enterprise industrial engineering solution, SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) is responsible for instrumentation design. An .isf file is a standalone SPI specification sheet that can circulated among engineers and technicians for review or correction. Outside of SPI, ISF specifications can be opened and edited using Intergraph's free SPI External Editor.

Apart from the above, the .isf extension is associated with the Ink Serialized Format (ISF) developed by Microsoft Corporation for storage and processing of handwriting and published under their Open Specification Promise. In this context, an .isf file is a handwritten message or drawing captured on a Windows-based mobile or tablet device (e.g., Windows TabletPC 101 or other) and saved in ISF format. Display of such serialized ink (.isf) images requires conversion to a standard image format.

Still another file type represented by the .isf extension is QXDM Pro Log (.isf). QXDM Pro (Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor Professional) is a commercial diagnostic and monitoring tool for devices based on Qualcomm chipsets. QXDM Pro saves its diagnostic logs as .isf files using Qualcomm's proprietary log format. Such .isf logs can be opened with QXDM Pro or submitted to Qualcomm for qualified assistance.

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