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What is the .GYM file type?

The filename extension .gym represents the Sega Genesis Chiptune (.gym) file type and the associated raw sound log format introduced by Genecyst, an old Sega Genesis emulator for MS-DOS. Sega Genesis (also, Sega Mega Drive) is the name of a popular 16-bit game console manufactured and sold by Sega worldwide in late 1980's. Sound processing and output in Sega Genesis was handled by the then-ubiquitous Yamaha YM2612 audio chip, and the name of the .gym sound format borrowed the initials (Genesis YM2612).

A .gym file is basically a log of all binary instructions sent to the YM2612 sound chip at an 1/60 interval each. GYM files are obtained by recording all sound chip instructions in a separate file, while running a ROM image on an emulator. Because no waveform samples or MIDI sequences are involved, and all music is produced by a single chip, .gym files are also known as chiptunes. Despite its old age and simplicity, GYM remains popular on the Sega Genesis emulation scene and is supported by virtually all Sega Genesis emulators. Outside emulators, .gym chiptunes can be played by certain multimedia players, also via plugins.


Software to open or convert GYM files

You can open GYM files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
Chipamp by OverClocked ReMix
The Hockey IntelliGym
The Hockey IntelliGym by ACE Applied Cognitive Engineering

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