IVZ File Extension

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What is the .IVZ file type?

The .ivz filename extension denotes the Open Inventor Model, Zipped (.ivz) file type and format, with reference to Open Inventor, OI (formerly IRIS Inventor), a free/open high-level application programming interface (API) for OpenGL. The Open Inventor file format is used as an export and data exchange format for 3D models created in CAD and virtual-reality applications. For instance, OI export is supported in cadwork, a versatile architectural and construction design solution from cadwork informatik AG.

Open Inventor 3D models can be saved in different variants of the format denoted by different extensions. For instance, a text-based (ASCII) OI model file receives the .ivx extension, while its binary version would be assigned the .iv or .ivo suffix. Compressed OI files bear the .ivz extension.

The .ivz file is a normal ZIP archive with an OI (.iv or .ivo) file and its textures inside. Although it can be opened as a ZIP archive with any archiver, the contained .iv or .ivo file requires an OI-compatible viewer, like Lexoview, a freely available 3D viewer tool for cadwork.

Software to open or convert IVZ files

You can open IVZ files with the following programs:
Cadwork by cadwork
lexoview by Cadwork Informatik

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