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What is the .CCF file type?

The .ccf filename extension primarily denotes the CryptLoad Container Format (CCF) and associated file type introduced with CryptLoad, a legacy download manager for Microsoft Windows. Apparently abandoned since 2008, CryptLoad was intended to handle downloads from multiple file-sharing services such as RapidShare (discontinued). CryptLoad used its own encrypted container format (CCF) for saving and protecting download links.

The .ccf file is an encrypted container, holding an XML list of direct download links with comments and/or file-sharing service passwords. CCF has been reverse-engineered and is now supported in several download managers, besides CryptLoad. To use a .ccf file as a source of download links, one must use CryptLoad or any other download manager supporting CCF. Without decryption, such .ccf link containers are useless.

With reference to the AutoCAD series by Autodesk (e.g., AutoCAD Mechanical), the .ccf extension is used to denote the Conversion Control File (CCF) file type. The .ccf file is a necessary part of the process of converting an AutoCAD drawing to a different format. Based on the analyze (.alz) file and often directly derived from it, the .ccf file is a regular text file that provides a matching list of entities (layers) for the conversion command (AMCONVDWG). For conversion, a layer definition file (.dwg) is also required. The .ccf file can be opened in a text editor and modified to adjust conversion parameters.

The .ccf extension is also associated with the CommView Capture File (.ccf) file type, denoting the legacy network packet capture format used by earlier versions (before 5.0) of the LAN/WLAN network monitoring and analysis software CommView (CommView for WiFi) from TamoSoft, Inc. The .ccf file contains a dump of network packets captured with CommView <5.0 and saved to disk. CCF is TamoSoft's proprietary format, and such files can only be opened in CommView or CommView for WiFi. All recent CommView releases use a different, open packet capture format denoted as NCF, although reading .ccf files is supported in all versions for compatibility.

Additionally, the .ccf extension denotes Philips' proprietary Component Configuration File (CCF) format used for programming Philips Pronto and other remote control units (RCU). The .ccf file contains a device-specific IR (infra-red) code mapping and button layout. Several tools such as CCFExplorer allow to open such .ccf files, explore their contents, and view the IR codes. Large databases of user-supplied CCF files for different devices are available on the Internet.

The .ccf extension was also used by CreataCard, a legacy greeting card design application for Microsoft Windows from American Greetings (Broderbund), to denote its card project files (.ccf). Saved in a proprietary format, such card projects can only be opened in CreataCard.

In industry, the .ccf extension may occur in association with the NX Controller Configuration File (CCF) file type/format used by the Common Simulation Engine (CSE) in the scope of the NX CAD/CAE/CAM software from Siemens PLM Software. In this context, the .ccf file provides configuration data for an automated machining controller, used with a machine configuration file (.mcf) and a tool change program (ToolChange.prg).

In the scope of Oracle Grid Infrastructure, the .ccf extension is assigned to the text-based Oracle Cluster Configuration Files (.ccf) providing cluster and node names to the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installer.

Software to open or convert CCF files

You can open CCF files with the following programs:
JDownloader by AppWork GmbH
JDownloader by AppWork UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
CommView for WiFi
CommView for WiFi by TamoSoft

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