HTM File Extension

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What is the .HTM file type?

The .htm extension represents the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file type. HTM files are plaintext files containing user text with HTML-specific markup tags inserted in-between. An .htm file is the source code of a web page displayed in a web browser. Tags define the structure of the document and contain instructions for the browser how to display the web page.

HTM files are universally plaintext, human-readable, cross-platform, and editable with any text editor, many of which allow HTML syntax highlighting. Being plaintext, HTM files are ASCII-, ANSI- or Unicode-encoded.

The .htm extension serves the same purpose as the .html, both being alternative ways to denote the same HTML file type. Historically, the .htm notation evolved from the DOS/Win 3.x era with its 3-digit extension length limit.

Many web servers treat .htm files the same way as .html files, serving them with the same 'text/html' MIME type by default. However, there may be extension naming requirements in place on a web server so that either .htm or .html is preferred.

Software to open or convert HTM files

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