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What is the .DBX file type?

The .dbx filename suffix is best known for its association with the database-like format used for message storage files in Microsoft Outlook Express (MSOE), Microsoft's legacy e-mail client distributed as part of the Internet Explorer web browser for earlier Microsoft Windows OS'es, ending with Windows XP.

In MSOE, each .dbx file represents a single folder with e-mail messages, acting as a database storage for each of the Inbox, Sent, Drafts, and other standard mailbox folders. By default, the .dbx files are located in the current user's local settings directory (e.g., "%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{...}\Microsoft\Outlook Express").

MSOE folder storages (.dbx) can be imported in MSOE's successor, Windows Live Mail, with the option of export for Microsoft Outlook. Also, multiple tools and utilities exist that can repair corrupted DBX storages, view their contents, or directly convert them to other mailbox formats (such as .pst).

Another use of the .dbx extension ties it with the AutoCAD ObjectDBX Module (.dbx) file type and format. AutoCAD is a famous CAD software from Autodesk that allows to construct and use custom entities (objects) through its ObjectARX SDK. Such custom objects can be used in AutoCAD along with the standard entities, provided that each has a proper ObjectDBX 'object-enabler' module (.dbx). Here, the .dbx file is a Microsoft Windows DLL implementing a custom AutoCAD object. Such ObjectDBX modules (.dbx) are located in the AutoCAD installation folder (e.g., "Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2013\AecbBldSrv.dbx").

With reference to Dropbox, a popular digital content hosting and synchronization service for multiple platforms and devices, the .dbx extension is assigned to certain local Dropbox configuration files. Such files are encrypted SQLite databases that store the user's Dropbox repository file list ("filecache.dbx"), the user's e-mail, the local Dropbox folder path, and other settings ("config.dbx"). There are forensics tools that can decrypt such files and display their contents.

Software to open or convert DBX files

You can open DBX files with the following programs:
FileViewPro by Solvusoft Corporation
PST Walker
PST Walker by PST Walker Software
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail by Microsoft Corporation

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