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What is the .OBB file type?

An acronym for 'Opaque Binary Blob,' the .obb extension is assigned to files primarily to point out to their function, rather than their internal format. An opaque binary blob (OBB) is a binary file that contains some kind of data that cannot be read, unless the internal format of such an .obb file is known.

With reference to Google Android, a popular operating system for mobile touch-screen devices, OBB files are used as resource containers with their own internal filesystems, transparent encryption and shared access by applications. Android OBB's are handled centrally by the system's StorageManager API, and can be mounted on-demand through application calls.

An .obb file is a large binary file, possibly encrypted, that serves as a storage of various data resources (images, sounds, video) utilized by Android applications.

Due to the size limitation imposed on APK application files, many developers choose to move all content data into OBB's as application expansion packages (.obb) that are distributed together with the main APK, and handled transparently.

Alternatively, the .obb extension also acts in association with the Online-Banking+ Backup (OBB) file type and format. A complete Internet-banking solution by Buhl Data Service GmbH, Online-Banking+ (OB+) creates OBB files as encryption-protected backups of user data related to OB+. Besides being a means of safeguarding data, OBB backup archives can be used to transfer complete OB+ user profiles between computers. An .obb backup can be restored in OB+ through the integrated backup handling tool.

Software to open or convert OBB files

You can open OBB files with the following programs:
Online-Banking+ by Buhl Data Service GmbH
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite by Disc Soft Ltd

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