Opening PWT files

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What is the .PWT file type?

The .pwt extension is primarily associated with the 'AutoCAD Publish-to-Web Template' file type introduced and used by AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a powerful commercial 2D/3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) environment for professional applications, released by Autodesk on several platforms. It is a de facto standard in many industries.

AutoCAD uses its Publish-to-Web wizard to create HTML-based presentations of AutoCAD projects, and several standard PWT templates are provided. A PWT file is a plaintext HTML file, heavily commented for guided editing. PWT templates can be edited with a regular text or HTML editor as well as opened with any web browser, with the extension changed to .htm(l).

PWT templates must reside in the 'PTWTemplates' folder, each template in its own subfolder, and must have the .pwt extension for the AutoCAD PWT wizard to "see" them.

In its association with the 'Pocket Word Template' file type and binary format, the .pwt extension is also related to Microsoft (MS) Pocket Word, a limited version of MS Word for hand-held Pocket PC (PPC) devices. A PWT template is a pre-formatted blank skeletal rich-text document to be used as a base for a PSW Pocket Word document. Functionally, the PWT file type corresponds to DOT, and .pwt files are normally converted into .dot files (and vice versa) during a synchronization with a PC (MS ActiveSync).

Another occurrence of the .pwt extension is related to the 'Password Tracker Deluxe Tracking List' (PWT) file type and format. Password Tracker Deluxe (PTD) is a commercial password management tool for Windows by Carl Roth. PTD organizes its stored user name and password data as password-track instances. A .pwt file can include an arbitrary number of name-password pairs, each with its individual bindings and settings. Binary PWT files are encrypted and cannot be viewed in plaintext.

The .pwt extension can also be found associated with the 'HotDog PageWiz Template' file type. HotDog PageWiz is an earlier commercial WYSIWYG-style web page editor by Sausage Software that used HTML template files (.pwt) for easy page creation. A PageWiz .pwt file is a plaintext file with web page text structured with HTML markup. A PWT file is basically an HTML file with a different extension.

Software to open or convert PWT files

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