M2P File Extension

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What is the .M2P file type?

The .m2p filename extension belongs to the MPEG-2 Video File (.mpg, .mpeg, .m2p) file type and represents the MPEG-2 Program Stream (MPEG-PS) file format. Developed by the Motion Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) as part of the MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Part 1 specifications, MPEG-PS is a standard container format for multiplexed audio and video streams (Packetized Elementary Streams, PES). MPEG-PS is intended for file-based storage, rather than streaming.

The .m2p file is an MPEG-PS video file that contains one video track and one or more audio tracks. More commonly denoted with the standard .mpg and .mpeg filenames suffixes, such files can be opened and played back by the majority of media players, both software- and hardware-based. On DVD-Video disks, MPEG-PS files are denoted with the .vob extension.

In Microsoft Windows, the .m2p file type is not registered in the system by default, although third-party multimedia players and other software may associate themselves with it. If the .m2p file type is not recognized by some software (e.g., Windows Media Player), the extension can be manually changed to a standard one (.mpg).

Software to open or convert M2P files

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