MMN File Extension

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What is the .MMN file type?

The .mmn filename extension represents the Memory-Map Overlay Objects (.mmn) file type introduced by the Memory-Map GPS navigation and mapping/charting software by Memory-Map, Inc. Available on several desktop and mobile platforms, Memory-Map allows to download paid maps from the associated Digital Map Store (DMS) and add own routes, tracks, or other symbols commonly referred to as overlay objects. Any overlay objects created in Memory-Map Navigator (MMN, the desktop version) on a given map are automatically remembered by the software by saving the data in a respective .mmn file (e.g., Memory-Map-6.mmn) in the Map Overlays folder in the user's Documents. Each .mmn file has one or more companion .mmo files that store additional overlay object data. Opening any .mmn file causes Memory-Map Navigator to display the same maps the contained overlay objects were created against. Both .mmn and .mmo files are binary and can be opened by Memory-Map software only. Memory-Map Navigator supports importing and exporting overlay objects in multiple commonly used formats.

Quite differently, the .mmn extension is used to designate overlap matrix files involved in calculations of Maximally-Localized Wannier Functions (MLWF) in solid-state physics, using the wannier90 software tool. A plain-text document by itself, the .mmn file defines the initial energy band overlap matrices for a given material. It can be opened and modified in a text editor.

Software to open or convert MMN files

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