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What is the .DRP file type?

Primarily, the .drp filename extension is associated with the Redrum Patch (.drp) file type/format used by the Redrum Drum Computer software from Propellerhead Software. Redrum is a 10-channel programmable drum machine that uses pre-recorded waveform samples (.wav, .aiff, etc.). A Redrum drum kit, or patch (.drp) represents an entire set of drum samples for all ten channels. It is a small binary file that acts as a pointer, providing references to external waveform samples that make up a drum kit. Loading a new patch (.drp) in Redrum is equivalent to changing the drum samples in all its channels simultaneously. A large bank of factory Redrum patches is provided with Redrum in the "Reason Factory Sound Bank\Redrum Drum Kits\" folder.

Denoting the Droplets Application Information File (.drp) file type, the .drp extension also has to do with the Droplets application virtualization technology developed by Droplets, Inc. and implemented in the Droplets User Interface Server. In this context, the .drp extension is assigned to small text files, created automatically when a Droplets application is saved locally on a user's computer. The .drp file contains a list of parameters and their values that define the application's user interface in the local context. Such files are automatically referenced by the Droplets client-side software and can be directly viewed in a text editor.

With reference to SolidWorks, a major CAD/CAE system from Dassault Systèmes, the .drp extension stands for the SolidWorks Design Checker Report (.drp) file type used by the Design Checker tool. The .drp file contains a report generated from a design being checked against a standards (.swstd) file. Once generated, the .drp files are added to the Design Binder and can be accessed and viewed from there.

Software to open or convert DRP files

You can open DRP files with the following programs:
Reason by Propellerhead Software AB
SolidWorks 2013 Edition SP0
Reason Essentials
Reason Essentials by Propellerhead Software AB

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