MPO File Extension

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What is the .MPO file type?

The .mpo extension belongs to the Multi-Picture Object (MPO) file format and type. MPO is an CIPA standard (CIPA DC-007-2009) developed and published by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) in Japan. The MPO file format allows to store multiple (usually, two) JPEG images in a single .mpo file.

An .mpo file is a stereoscopic (3D-like) image made with a 3D picture-taking device. The file contains two images of the same object or scene, taken from two different lenses, set apart horizontally. MPO 3D image files can be produced with several 3D cameras, e.g. Fujifilm Real 3D W3, Sony Cybershot DSC-WX9, etc. MPO files are meant to be directly displayed on 3D-enabled TV sets and monitors (with polarized glasses and/or additional software), portable 3D cameras and gadgets with special lentil-based screens.

Besides, MPO images can be converted into other 3D-view modes (anaglyph, interlaced, wriggle, etc.) or merged/transformed into regular 2D images. Most general-purpose image viewers/editors are not capable of directly displaying MPO images in 3D, however, most will display regular images contained in such files (normally, only the left one).

Software to open or convert MPO files

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