ARJ File Extension

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What is the .ARJ file type?

The .arj extension is a native archive format for ARJ. ARJ stands for "Archived by Robert Jung" and associates with files archived by the ARJ tool developed by Robert K. Jung. ARJ is used to save disk space by compressing data. ARJ files support long filenames, multiple volume archives, data protection, and other features.

ARJ files were hugely popular during the early and mid-1990s and were supported by Windows and DOS. Because of its specific method of multi-volume archives handling the ARJ file format was widely used by users of BBS software and on the warez scene.

Files with the .arj extension can be opened not only by the ARJ archiver, but also by other archive manager programs, like 7-Zip and WinRar.

Software to open or convert ARJ files

You can open ARJ files with the following programs:
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov

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