Opening MPX files

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What is the .MPX file type?

The .mpx filename extension primarily associates with the legacy Microsoft Project File Exchange Format (MPX) format and the related file type (.mpx). It has to do with Microsoft Project, a commercial project management software by Microsoft. Microsoft Project documents are normally saved as .mpp files, while the text-based MPX format (MPX 4.0) was used in early versions of Microsoft Project for data exchange purposes.

An .mpx file is an ASCII representation of a Microsoft Project document saved in the MPX format. MPX documents can be natively opened in all Microsoft Project releases and imported into other project management software. MPX project files can be created with obsolete Microsoft Project versions or third-party software.

With reference to MetaPost, a graphics description framework based on the interpreted META language and mainly used with the TeX/LaTeX typesetting systems, the .mpx extension denotes the MetaPost MPX File (.mpx) file type/format. A MetaPost MPX file contains a special low-level representation of textual characters (usually, in labels) so that they can be manipulated as graphic shapes. MPX files are generated by MetaPost automatically or manually with the "makempx" command.

Besides, the .mpx extension also associates with the Microsoft Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE) Management Pack Fragment (.mpx) file type and format. Microsoft Visual Studio is a major commercial integrated development environment (IDE), targeting Microsoft Windows. VSAE is a management pack (MP) creation toolset that uses .mpx files to store XML fragments of MP's.

With reference to Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP), a legacy RDBMS and development environment, the .mpx extension is used for compiled interface menu files (.mpx). MPX files were generated by compiling .mpr menu files.

Lastly, the .mpx extension is used to denote data files created by the AlphaLab Simulation and Recording (SnR) system by AlphaOmega. Such .mpx files contain data acquired in the course of electrophysiology tests or experiments. The MPX format is based upon AlphaOmega's MAP format.

Software to open or convert MPX files

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